I am 18 years old and currently study in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

I am a Business and Marketing student and I have always been relatively thin - however, I have not been healthy. I am now making my health and wellbeing a top priority in my life and this blog will help me get there.


"What's for you, won't go by you."
Friday, 19th September 2014 

I probably had the worst sleep ever last night, woke up every single hour and looked at the clock to see if the results were in. I got up just before 7am to find that the result is No. I couldn’t be happier. My mums job is secure, and we are staying within the United Kingdom. Hallelujah.

I’m proud to say that my vote counted.


I like drinking tea alone, and reading alone.

I like riding the bus alone, and walking home alone.

It gives me time to think, and set my mind free.

I like eating alone, and listening to music alone.

But when I see a mother with her child;

A girl with her lover;

Or a friend laughing with their best friend;

I realize that even though I like being alone

I don’t fancy being lonely.

after 3+ years on tumblr this is still the most relevant accurate thing i’ve ever seen

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